IRPC uses state of the art technology to undertake in-depth risk assessment surveys

Our Services

  • Engineering Risk Assessment
  • Project & Operations Risk Management.
  • Plant Integrity Inspection & Certification
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Equipment Inspection & Certification.
  • Marine Warranty Surveys
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Boilers & Pressure Vessels Inspection & Certification
  • Machinery Breakdown Evaluation & Inspection.
  • Cyber Risk Assessment & Protection
  • Occupation Health and Safety Audits
  • Valuation of Plant and Machinery Assets
  • Assets Identification & Tagging.
  • Risk Financing
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Training
Plant Integrity Evaluation

IRPC will assess the mechanical and electrical integrities of your plant facilities for due diligence, insurance and loss prevention purposes. Our facilities maintenance and integrity assurance teams support clients with proactive and timely services that promote efficient operations and production.

Risk Engineering Survey

IRPC uses state of the art technology to undertake in-depth risk assessment surveys of power, oil & gas facilities, industrial plants, marine, land and airport infrastructures, telecoms & ICT assets, commercial properties and high-rise buildings for the identification and analytic evaluation of hazardous exposure. Our aim is to minimize client’s exposure to perils such as fire, explosion, lightning, flood, storm, earthquake, pollution and riots. Providing credible determination of maximum loss potentials (EML and PML) using UVCE computer software where applicable, supported by risk protection solutions

Lifting Equipment Inspection & Certification

IRPC engineers conduct detailed engineering inspections at the turn-around maintenance or during scheduled plant shutdowns for general overhauling. This guarantees proper examination of internal conditions. The exercise covers all phases including start-up, re-commissioning and operations.

Marine Warranty Survey

The IRPC Marine Risk Control Team consists of Engineers, Master Mariners, Warranty Surveyors, Lloyd-approved ISM Auditors, Marine Facilities Valuers and Operational Integrity Surveyors. The team members are endowed with thorough knowledge and technical skills derived from wide range of experience in Command and Safe Navigation of different types of vessels (Cargo Vessels, Bulk Carriers, Offshore Construction Vessels, Offshore Supply Vessels, etc) in different Countries, Voyage Planning, Nautical Assessment, Hull & Machinery Maintenance, Loading and Discharging Operations, Shore Management, Fleet Management, Compliance Audit, Surveys on Ships for Classification and Safety Purposes, Offshore Operations etc.

Due Diligence

We conduct independent due diligence (technical, financial, legal, insurance or other types) to meet the specific instruction of clients for investment, divestment, expansion, diversification and any other purpose.
Our team of specialists are experienced in identifying the upside and downside features of assets, operations and resources for the proposed transaction(s) in line with the client’s specific needs ensuring the overall integrity and reliability of conclusions derived. We have carried out the following due diligences for several of our clients:

  • Compliance Audit
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence.
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Reputational Due Diligence
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Liability Due Diligence
  • Insurance Due Diligence

Cyber Risks Assessment & Protection

IWe identify internal and external systems imperative to a client’s operations and review the end to end processes that guide the transfer of critical of information within and outside the company to determine risk exposures, then develop solutions.

Assets Identification & Tagging

Our cost engineers and asset management professionals, evaluate the client’s internal processes to identify and tag all physical assets in a logical and coherent system to safeguard all assets. We deploy a software that provides thorough reconciliation system and subsequently ensure wall to wall inventory done for all assets to be tagged from point of purchase, asset user and location.

Valuation of Plant and Machinery Assets

We deploy the right calibre of experts with appropriate engineering knowledge and experience gained from diverse portfolio of challenging previous projects to meet your needs.
IRPC has conducted valuation of Hi-Tech assets in industrial ventures such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Refining & Petrochemicals, Electric/Gas/Water utilities, telecommunications, Construction, Brewery/Distillery, Iron & Steel, marine, Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Food & Beverage Processing, Computers, Tyre/Rubber/Plastics Manufacture, Automobile Plants, Aviation etc for specific needs of insurance, Sale, Acquisition, Collateral for loans and other investment/financial purposes calls for accuracy, reliability and credibility.

Project & Operations Risk Management

IRPC’s Project and Operations Risk Management Team guides clients from the conceptual design, equipment/machinery/materials specifications, procurement, construction, erection, tests and commissioning of commercial or industrial plants and facilities.
The team will deploy requisite skills, experience and exceptional commitment to ensure successful efficient project implementation, safe operations and effective maintenance to consistently deliver your corporate goals and objectives on careful analysis of information

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

In order to guarantee our client’s future well-being and survival, we develop practicable Disaster Recovery Plans incorporating details of recovery organisations, skilled teams, alternate operations sites, response procedures etc. against major loss producing events (IT Systems Failure, Fire, Explosion, Machinery Breakdown)

The Business Continuity program is integrated with the client’s corporate Strategic Business Plan to ensure no derailment is caused by adverse occurrences while emerging new business opportunities are readily absorbed. This exercise involves a thorough ERM business impact analysis from unlimited but applicable internal and external risk exposures, risk mitigating and protection systems

Enterprise Risk Management

The ERM Team works with clients to fully understand their corporate vision, mission, strategies, targets, policies, philosophy and organisational structure for core and non-core activities of the organisation in relation with existing and on-going systems which are unique to the client.
The Team will create a practical Enterprise Risk Management Framework for effective risk identification, risk analysis, risk control, risk communication and risk monitoring throughout the organisation.
This Service for companies is scoped to achieve international best practices (ISO 31000), compliance with COSO standard prescriptions and above all, in line with the strategic goals and objectives of the company.

Machinery Breakdown Evaluation & Inspection

The continuous maintenance of ageing plants poses ever-increasing challenges unmatched by obvious demands for improved plant availability and reliability. More favourable results will be achieved through IRPC’s thorough review of current maintenance systems and computer analysis of existing job cards to develop improved procedures, standard, documentation and spare parts administration for effective maintenance planning.

For long-term profitable underwriting in this specialised class of business, a sound technical loss control engineering input is vital in view of the unimpressive maintenance practices of many insureds. Our objective report by hands-on experienced and tested professionals will provide true status of insured machineries and our approach to recommendations will convince the insured to implement risk improvement suggestions.

Boilers & Pressure Vessels Inspection & Certification

We conduct thorough inspection of boilers, pressure vessels and lifting equipment to assure safety of operations and certify them in compliance with statutory regulations (Factory Act, ASME, API Codes etc.). This is undertaken by our engineers who are certified, approved and registered by Professional Bodies and Regulatory Authorities.

IRPC boiler Specialist Engineers conduct detailed engineering inspections at the turn-around maintenance or during scheduled plant shutdowns for general overhauling. This guarantees proper examination of internal conditions. The exercise covers all phases including Start-Up, Re-Commissioning and Operations

Occupation Health and Safety Audits

We conduct occupational health safety and environment audits which assist clients to comply with industry regulations and ultimately improve corporate performance. IRPC also monitors and supervises construction projects to ensure compliance with various projects and safety standards. We ensure the delivery of facilities that meet production and operations targets qualitatively and efficiently.


Our training covers the following areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Loss Prevention & Loss Reduction.
  • Process Safety Management

Risk Management & Loss Prevention Training

Effective Risk Management and loss control training programs focused on client’s peculiar needs. Risk management is as much about people as it is about processes. Organizations often dedicate significant resources to developing leading risk management practices but fail to allocate sufficient resources to training as a means of raising awareness and embedding those risk management processes.
Training forms a critical component of an effective risk management framework, as it engages key personnel and provides them with the skills and confidence to contribute and add value to risk management within an organization.

IRPC Training Solutions

IRPC has developed extensive training materials and courses covering a number of specialist disciplines. Recent training solutions have incorporated:
Our training solution aims to develop knowledge, improve skills, challenge and adapt attitudes towards risk. Our approach helps embed not just risk management but raises the profile for an organisation’s strategy. We adopt a number of different training styles to suit individual client requirements. IRPC training is highly interactive, involving case studies, group exercises and role playing as a means of maximising learning and providing enjoyment to participants.

Our training professionals can develop bespoke courses to suit individual client requirements reflecting the culture, industry, people and risk management processes in place or desired.

The IRPC training team consists of professional trainers and risk experts, ensuring best practice risk management methodologies are incorporated within structured training materials and delivered in a style that enhances learning and develops skills.
For training bookings and enquires please email